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Rebuilt Mercury Sable 3.0L Engines

Rebuilt Mercury Sable 3.0L EnginesMercury Sable was always a competitor with the Taurus. It was very much the same car only rebranded under the Mercury name. One thing that the Taurus shared with the Sable was the installation of the Vulcan V6. This engine produced well over 140 horsepower and was first made as an upgrade from the standard Sable engine. Ford did so well with this V6 that it finally became a standard model engine in the early 1990s. The Vulcan V6 quickly earned a reputation as one of Ford’s best. We have these rebuilt Mercury Sable 3.0L engines for a price that you can afford and with a free engine warranty.

The Sable was produced by Mercury from 1986 to 2005. This gave Ford a market share that few automakers have found. Even when Ford discontinued the Taurus the Sable survived. It was always considered the luxury equivalent. One thing that always shined through was the 3.0L V6. This engine was used also in other Mercury and Ford models. It was used successfully in the Probe, Aerostar, Ranger and Tempo vehicles. All of these helped Ford reign supreme over all other automakers in the late 80s and early 90s. We rebuild these engines to keep the Vulcan V6 legend alive.

Rebuilt Mercury Sable 3.0L Engines

We have different procedures for doing a rebuild than what you might have read elsewhere online. There is only one way to rebuild. This way is the right way and there are no exceptions. We keep the OEM specs for the Vulcan in our sights when we do a rebuild. We test. We measure. We calibrate. We do all of the professional things you expect. There is no way that we could ever put our name on a rebuild without doing it right. We are Vulcan engine specialists here. Our Mercury mechanics have completed Ford training programs. We know how to take apart motors and put them together again perfectly.

Ford has recently done away with the Mercury brand name although the engines still remain. Our engine buying team does a great job of supplying our engine shop with plenty of motors to rebuild.  A lot of what we bring in stock is from direct contact with customers. We are told what is needed and we go out and get it. We do not have an engine inventory full of rebuilt engines that no one wants. All of what we have inside of our engine shop and our corresponding inventory is in the condition that all customers will love. We give nothing less that perfection and are proud to carry the Ford-Mercury line of automobile engines.

Rebuilt Mercury Sable 3.0L Engines Quote

You need a V6 engine and we can get it to you. The only thing you need from our website is a quote. That is really easy to get. The easiest way is to use the V6 engine quote form we provide here to you. It’s really simple for you to get the lowest pricing. When you have taken a look at what we can do for you, call us toll free at 1-877-630-3873. Our experts can tell you what to do next.