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Remanufactured Ford Escape 2.3L Duratec Engines

Ford Escape Duratec 2.3L EnginesFord Escape was created in 2001 in an effort for Ford to takeover the smaller SUV market. Larger vehicles like the pickup trucks and the Excursion made use of V8 and V10 engines. Ford Zetec engine was originally used in the first version of the Escape. The start of the 2005 year was the upgrade to the 2.3L Duratec. This engine remains as one of Ford’s most in-demand motors. The Duratec is the fuel efficient version of the 3.0L V6. We have these Ford Escape 2.3L Duratec engines ready for fast shipment to any destination. Our rebuilt engines are a thing of value and quality.

The 2.5L is now the most used in the Escape with the 2.3L being retired for the 2012 year. That’s not a problem for you or for us. We have a steady supply of these Ford engines and will continue to support the Escape. All engines that are remanufactured inside of our facility first begin life as used. It is what we do to the engines and the experience factor that we add that makes them something great. You could have two engines built side by side here and you’ll find that each will come out perfect every time.

Ford Escape 2.3L Duratec Engines 

A remanufactured engine is really a great thing to buy. It is much better than a used engine and just a fraction of the cost of a new one. The value that our engines give is nothing short of fantastic. We always begin any work that we do with Escape engines that are already in decent shape. This cuts down our workload drastically. The less we have to fix the better. We can spend more time cleaning and testing the new parts that we apply. Engines that have the lowest miles are often the best results. These engines can be reconditioned to be the closest thing you’ll ever have instead of buying new.

Our Escape engines are ready for your install when they arrive. We do a great job of shipping out to mechanics, salvage yards and junkyards. We supply these companies as well as regular drivers that have engines installed. It is the strength in numbers game that we use a lot. We don’t use the same distributors as other dealers use. We have beefed up our engine mechanics to ensure we have enough staff. Our 2.3L engines are guaranteed to be what you expect them to be. We always give a satisfaction guarantee with a purchase. You won’t find a better deal for rebuilt Ford engines than what you get from us.

Ford Escape 2.3L Duratec Engines Quotes

Everyone is out to get low pricing. We understand how important saving as much money as possible is to customers. We do our best to deliver on the promise of the lowest 2.3L engine prices. We made our quote form easy to understand. Use the form now and obtain your instant price. It’s simple to use 24/7. You have plenty of time to review the details of your customer quote. When you are ready to call us, do so at 1-877-630-3873. We will get to work sending you a Duratec engine fast.