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Rebuilt Pontiac G5 Engines

Rebuilt Pontiac G5 EnginesPontiac G5 was one of the final Pontiac cars ever produced. It was created by General Motors in early 2004. Plans for the Pontiac G5 were big. Few compact cars did as well as those that were sold under the Pontiac brand. These cars were consistent and the buying public was there. A 2.2L engine was selected to go in the G5. This Ecotec engine was widely popular for General Motors in the mid 2000s. It is still produced to this day. The Pontiac division was disbanded although we have rebuilt Pontiac G5 enginesinside of our engine warehouse right now.

Over 150 horsepower is offered with the Ecotec engines. This is the base red line limit and we keep a watchful eye on the specs of our engines. The testing that our mechanics perform is highly accurate. We sell rebuilt engines. We take apart used ones that we purchase. We put new parts in place of any parts that are worn. We assemble the engines. We begin testing the rebuilds. What we end up with are expertly built 2.2L G5 engines. We are a big seller to junkyards, body shops, mechanics and some warranty centers. Our reputation for engine quality is unsurpassed.

Rebuilt Pontiac G5 Engines 

Since all work for Pontiac engines is warranted, you don’t have to have fears about a problem happening. Our labor is included in all the warranties. This includes assembly and disassembly of each G5 engine. The OEM parts that we purchase for our engine installations come with a separate extension of the product warranty. Our experts simply apply the unopened parts. If something should fail during your ownership, a new OEM part can be replaced that is covered by our Pontiac engine warranty. We make our warranties easy to understand. You don’t have to be a legal expert to understand our rebuilt engine terms. We sell great engines at an even greater online price. We care about our customers and it shows with the repeat business we receive.

We secure great deals on buying, rebuilding and when shipping engines. Our freight team negotiates with top companies that handle our deliveries. These experts know how to handle our crated engines. Each engine can weigh several hundred pounds. They must be moved perfectly and expertly to avoid damage during a journey. Our team is professional. We always go with the companies that can give us the price we request and the level of assurance we demand. Ordering and getting one of our remanufactured engines shipped is a very easy process here. Our Pontiac engines fit perfectly and you won’t need to have the block modified.

Rebuilt Pontiac G5 Engines Price Quote

You can get price quotes 365 days a year right from this website. You can get them in two easy ways here at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com. The first way is to use the easy Pontiac quote form. It’s fast and will never ask any personal information before giving our pricing to you. The second way is to just call 1-877-630-3873. Our professional staff will deliver our lowest price immediately when you call us.