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Rebuilt Remanufactured Ford Country Squire Engines

Rebuilt Ford Country Squire EnginesFord Country Squire was developed originally in 1951 and was one of the first family automobiles. The Squire hardly changed with the times and much of the 1970s through to the 1990s had the same design. What Ford did was create a family passenger station wagon that had a V8 engine. Ford experimented with different engines types through the production cycle of the Country Squire. The two engines used the most often were the 4.9L and 5.8L. These are the rebuilt Ford Country Squire engines we have in stock. Our engine team secures the best used engine deals through our partners and brings these engines here to rebuild.

There were six generations of this vehicle produced in its 40-year life. The Windsor V8 302 is the original Country Squire engine. This engine provided a base of 250 horsepower. This was more than enough for the average driver to use. The 351 5.8L was also an option and provided the 300 horsepower mark. This type of power was unheard of in a vehicle that was meant for family travels. Country Squire vehicle owners worldwide had a lot of power up until the 1991 demise of this vehicle. We find used Windsor engines and these provide the foundation for each Ford rebuild.

Rebuilt Ford Country Squire Engines 

What you can find with our company is that you get access to the best Ford engine rebuilders in the business. We are not biased either. We hear nothing but great things from every engine customer we have. We ask customers to let us prove ourselves with every rebuilt engine. We take nothing for granted and work hard to get customer confidence. What goes on inside of our engine facility is expert level engine reconditioning. We employ a talented staff to handle every one of our Ford engine projects. Nothing is purchased from an outside company and resold here. Our team uses all of the highest quality tools and testing equipment when performing the builds that have helped us get a great reputation in the remanufactured engines business.

What about a Modular engine warranty? It’s perfectly fine to ask us that question. Buying an engine here always comes with the engine warranty you want. It is pretty much useless for a company to offer a 30-day engine warranty. We go way beyond that mark. We even do something that few dealers can match. We put zero limitations on the mileage. That’s right. Use your Ford Country Squire engine as much as you want during the warranty period. We don’t penalize you or try to cut out the coverage. Whatever happens is professionally handled. We’re the choice of business owners and Ford vehicle drivers that want a Ford engine rebuilt for value.

Rebuilt Ford Country Squire Engines Pricing 

Calling our engine specialists is a fast way to get an engine quote. We’ll talk to you like a real person. We go over all of the important details. We know it’s just for a quote. You won’t feel obligated to make any decisions on the phone. Call us at 1-877-630-3873. We even give out online quotes 24/7 when you use our remanufactured Ford engines quote form.