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Rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines

Rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee EnginesJeep Grand Cherokee debut in 1992 as the soon-to-be replacement for the standard Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee provided an upgrade to the 4.0L and 4.7L engines that were already in use. The new 5.2L V8 engine was created. The power and road performance are what most drivers preferred compared with the option of 4-wheel drive. The selling point came from the high torque and power of the 5.2L. The 5.2L engine was in use up until 1998 when a much larger 5.9L was used. Our rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee engines do not lack in power or quality. These perfectly remanufactured engines are just as good as a new Jeep motor.

There are 225 horsepower units in the Grand Cherokee engines made from 1992 to 1998. This type of power was more than enough to propel the mid-size frame of the Cherokee. It is not uncommon for customers that purchase engines from our company to build project cars with the engines. The torque is amazing and is what Jeep was built around after WWII. You can expect that remanufactured engines for sale here are in fact professional. The team we use is amazing and they are all trained in Chrysler motor technologies. Quality is our number one importance here apart from satisfying customers.

Rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines

Every rebuilt engines needs a good block to start with. Used engines that we find for excellent deals are how we start our rebuilds. The block is disassembled and then cleaned professionally. The type of cleansing chemicals and machinery we use is top notch. We are able to remove dirt and grime that can quickly cause engine breakdowns. The cleanliness of the block is what makes for a great remanufactured engine. We add hoses, heads and other important parts if they are necessary. The thorough evaluating that our team does is evident in the finished motors. When everything is assembled together, the next part of our rebuilding phase is started.

Test and more tests are what we do every day. Nothing is ever sold from our website or company warehouse without these tests. The 5.2L Cherokee engines in stock all deserve to be there. The education and skills of our mechanics mean nothing if we can’t backup what it is we sell to customers. Dyno testing relieves us from many of the pains and struggles other engine sellers go through. Our professional team helps build our company image and engine reputation with every happy customer. The rebuilt Jeep engines that leave our warehouse head to mechanics, body shops and even junkyards across the U.S.

Rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines Pricing 

Get a quote now and you’ll be happy you did. Our pricing does not change and your quote is always genuine. You can get it online or you can get it by phone. The rebuilt Grand Cherokee engine quotes from this site are simple. Type in what the quotation form requests from you and it’s that easy. Pricing is displayed fast. You can call our team by phone at 1-877-630-3873. We’ll discuss any engine details and give you a great engine price when you call right now.