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Remanufactured Dodge Caravan Engines

remanufactured dodge caravan enginesDodge Caravan is the smaller version of the Grand Caravan. The shorter wheel base and smaller engine is a dead giveaway how to tell each vehicle apart. What you’ll find here is the third and fourth generations of the Caravan engines. These were manufactured between 1996 and 2007. This 11-year stretch is one of the longest in minivan history for an engine. Most automakers come out with newer technologies every one or two years. Dodge has always stuck with its standard engines. We have remanufactured Dodge Caravan engines sold at prices that can never be beat online by other engine sellers.

The 2.4L displacement of the Caravan engine made it great for gasoline mileage. It did not have the larger V6 fuel economy problems that some of the other engines had. Dodge knows how to build economical engines. The 2.4L was used for a short time in the Neon as an upgrade. Additional vehicles like the Cirrus, Sebring and Stratus all made good use of the power that the 2.4L engine provided. We choose to sell this engine because it remains in demand although it is no longer produced by Dodge. We locate these in used shape and bring them into our company to remanufacture.

Remanufactured Dodge Caravan Engines 

It takes an expert team to rebuild an engine. We have found talented and experienced mechanics that know Dodge engines. The 2.4L is one of the most common rebuilds that companies complete. We rebuild, send out and warranty everything that comes through our warehouse doors. It is the education of our team that helps us to stay away from the costly mistakes that some builders make. It all starts with how engines are finalized for sale. Nothing is brought here that exceeds a certain mileage limit. This is how we can expedite the building time period. We start with a great block and we finish with an even better one.

We don’t rush a rebuild just to make a quick sale. The Dodge Caravan engines specs all checkout perfectly or we don’t release the engine. We know that swaps and replacements are what these engines are used for in vehicles. One mistake on our part can damage our reputation. We put in countless hours of testing and building expertise. Our engine shop is one of the most respected in the preowned and rebuilt engine industry. We have thousands of satisfied customers all across North America that depend on us to provide perfection. We achieve the goals we set out to accomplish. Each rebuilt 2.4L engine that is sent out includes our labor and OEM warranty.

Remanufactured Dodge Caravan Engines Pricing 

Go ahead and get your price right now online. Use the rebuilt engine quote system we provide to you. Put in your non-personal information. You’ll be given our instant engine pricing for you to review. If you want to call first, go ahead and do that right now by calling us at 1-877-630-3873. Our team will assist you and answer any Dodge engine question you have. Let us be your remanufactured engines provider.