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Rebuilt Jeep Liberty Engines

Rebuilt Jeep Liberty EnginesJeep Liberty was created in 2002 to replace the long lived Cherokee. The Liberty was intentionally priced low to attract buyers that wanted an entry-level SUV. Jeep is one of the top Chrysler brands and has been successful in part because its engines. The PowerTech engine series is what was selected for inclusion in the Jeep Liberty. The base engine was a 2.4L 4-cylinder and this is the smallest engine that Chrysler produces for its Jeep series. The main engine was a 3.7L V6 and this was offered as the upgrade starting with the second generation. Get these rebuilt Jeep Liberty engines from our company at cheap prices online.

The 3.7L PowerTech engine offers 210 horsepower in the standard version. We rebuild this motor perfectly. All of the original OEM specs are not tampered with. We change nothing according to what our mechanics can do. All guidelines are followed so that customers end up with a genuine Jeep engine. Some engine rebuilders make unneeded changes that hurt the performance. Our experts know Jeep engines and we settle for nothing less than genuine quality. The used engine blocks that we start with to rebuild engines are cleaned and prepped before we start. This enables us to keep the engine quality high.

Rebuilt Jeep Liberty Engines 

We deal with Mopar parts and make sure all that we put on goes through our internal evaluations. It could take weeks to rebuild an engine perfectly and one day to mess it up. We’re very careful with what our mechanics do. Nothing is sold or distributed in the U.S. or Canada without it going through our important tests. We take a lot of time to test hoses, belts, headers and the block for leaks and other corrosion. What our mechanics finish with after starting with an empty block is a totally rebuilt Liberty engine. It is these engines that are sent out and only these engines we put our name onto.

We’re so serious about rebuilding work that we always give an unlimited engine mileage warranty. We could easily put on the standard 30-day warranty and call it a day. We know our drivers and our business customers that order rebuilt engines feel differently. Putting one of our engines into a Jeep will improve the Jeep performance. We know this because of our skills, reputation and our warranty information. A problem that might happen is likely from a part that has failed. Our labor is always one of the coverages we put into a warranty contract. Something that fails your engine fails us as a company. We fix it.

Rebuilt Jeep Liberty Engines Price Quote

Do you like what you’ve read about our company? That’s good. Now call us to get your price today. Our toll free number is 1-877-630-3873. We work rapidly to match your VIN number to our database of engines. We’re here to help you save money and get a good motor. If you’re into online price quotations, make use of the form we built just for you. You’ll have your pricing fast and you can review it before calling us to order.