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Dodge Charger 2.7L Engines

dodge-charger-27l-enginesDodge Charger was introduced in 2006 with a totally new engine and newer body style. This vehicle was paired to compete again with the newly launched Mustang. Fans of these cars got to relive the excitement that was first created by this vehicle series in the 1960s. The new reissued Charger had the LH base engine. This was the same engine that Chrysler used inside of the Intrepid and inside the Concorde.There were slight horsepower upgrades but the engine was the same. You’ll find we have the best pricing for Dodge Charger 2.7L enginesthat can be found from any online engine seller.

The power in the Charger was varied throughout its 2006 to 2010 lifespan. The old muscle car days of 400 horsepower were over. A smaller LH based engine allowed Chrysler to promote better fuel mileage and still provide the power that made Charger famous. When we find used Chrysler engines, we search for a few key details. One of these details is a mileage point. We won’t go over a certain mark for the mileage. We do this to assure customers we’re not rebuilding an engine with 200,000 miles and calling it great. We take gently used engines and this is what is rebuilt by our engine experts.

Dodge Charger 2.7L Engines 

Finding a great engine takes a great team. We employ talented workers here that have our customer’s interests at heart. It’s so easy to worry about profit margins and quarterly sales goals. What matters the most to us is customer satisfaction ratios. Customers that are happy with our rebuilt engines are likely to come back again and again. We understand this concept. We also understand that prices affect the volume of engines we sell. It’s much better for us to offer below MSRP pricing than it is to put prices up where other deals put them.

We refuse to sell engines beyond a certain price point. We stick to our promise of quality and discount pricing at all times. Apart from our low price tags, engine warranties are another topic of interest. The 2.7L Chrysler engines that are built here come with OEM labor and parts warranty coverage. Nothing that we’re responsible to fix is forgotten about. Our easy to read warranty forms help all customers understand our policies. We don’t even limit the mileage that a customer can put on the block. The three-year unlimited mileage warranty is one of our best additions. Both individual drivers and those that are our business customers appreciate these types of extras when buying rebuilt engines for sale.

Dodge Charger 2.7L Engines Price Quotes 

Our price quotes on this website are always sent out to you in two simple forms. The first is by our quote form on this site. It’s fast and super easy for any customer to use. Get a virtual 2.7L engine quote today. You can also call by telephone at 1-877-630-3873. Our helpful staff will treat you fairly and make your experience memorable. We do a lot for our customers and strive for complete satisfaction. Get your quote right now.