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Remanufactured Ford F150 FX4 5.4L Engines

ford-f150-fx4-54l-enginesFord F150 is not just the name of a pickup truck. Chevy can have its Silverado and Dodge can have its Ram. The F150 has out performed them all and that is not a biased opinion. The sales results over the last two decades prove how much money and design that Ford has put into its pickup trucks. The 2004 introduction of the next generation pickup the FX4 was just one more way that Ford tapped into the wants of buyers. The ever popular 5.4L Triton V8 was selected as the FX4 engine. This engine hardly needs no introduction and you’ll find we sell Ford F150 FX4 5.4L engines for great prices.

The power of the V8 is something that Ford has developed and nurtured for over three decades. Even after the muscle cars faded Ford never stopped designing. The development that took place in the mid 1980s lead to the design of the Triton in the late 1990s. The F150 pickup has gone down into sales history and Ford still continues to support this brand. We support Ford engines here too and we know how to rebuild them expertly. We’re V8 engine experts just like the engineers working at Ford.

Ford F150 FX4 5.4L Engines 

You can get any engine block you want and have someone rebuild it. What matters is the experience of the mechanic and the parts that are used. While most builders stop after the build is over, we takeover at this point and we put engines through dyno testing. This handy computer test is what can save our reputation with each purchase. Hidden problems can often lurk deep inside of the block that mechanics using their eyes as testing equipment cannot find. Our expert mechanics know how to read the data produced in the dyno tests and make perfect adjustments. These are the engines that get sold through our inventory daily.

Buying an F150 engine from our company gives you the value that you seek. It’s OK if you represent a business or are just buying a rebuilt engine for yourself. What matters the most is what happens after you install the engine. We don’t get the displeasure of dealing with engine warranty problems. What comes with our engines is a three-year mileage warranty. No limitations are placed on the buyer of these engines. All 5.4L engines that get tested and evaluated from our staff get the inclusion of a warranty for no cost. It’s like getting extra assurance that the engine will remain in great condition for decades. We let buyers use the engines how they want and fix any problem that happens in the 36-month period.

Ford F150 Fx4 5.4L Engines Price Quote

Calling our toll free quote line at 1-877-630-3873 is what will ensure you get our low prices. We’ve even setup a quote system that can be used right from this website. Go ahead and try it now and you’ll be glad you didn’t wait until tomorrow. Our remanufactured Ford engines for sale are in use in nearly every country in the world for a good reason.