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Mercury Mariner 2.3L Engines

Mercury Mariner 2.3L EnginesMercury Mariner was tapped to be the Ford Escape for the Mercury brand. Mercury was on the comeback in 2005 when the Mariner debuted to the public. Ford always put a lot of time and investment into making Mercury a top brand. The Mariner used the same body stylings and the engine as the Escape. The 2.3L Duratec engine is what was placed inside the Mariner to give it crossover appeal. We’re on of few places that you can find online that still sell Mercury Mariner 2.3L engines to the public and to the trade industry.

The 2.3L Duratec engine is unique because it was one of the final 4-cylinder engines that were used in the SUV vehicles. The 153 horsepower included with this engine does not make it a push over though. The Duratec brand of this engine is still based on the concepts of Mazda. Both the Escape and the Mazda Tribute made use of the 2.3L engine. You won’t have to search online to find these engines anymore. We’ve purchased them from our dealers and we’ve brought them here to rebuild. We’re expert engine remanufacturers. You’ll love our OEM engine quality here at this website.

Mercury Mariner 2.3L Engines for Sale 

When it comes to quality, we know that our company sets the bar pretty high. We’re independent of many of the rebuilding shops that sell online. We go by the book. This might seem like a stale approach to rebuilding but it works great. Not only do we give you an actual Ford engine, you get one that is comparable to one that is brand new. Rebuilding engines is what we do best here. You can own an auto body business and buy our engines. You can own a Mercury Mariner and buy our engines. We sell to each side of the auto industry. Our engines have traveled the world and can easily travel to your location fast.

You get a lot when you purchase these Duratec engines. Although the Mercury Mariner engine is not the only one we sell, it still remains popular because it is becoming harder to find. You always get access to a great engine warranty. We won’t sell anything to anyone without putting an engine through testing. We can confirm the job that our rebuilders do when testing is finished. Our warranties always include labor as well as the parts themselves. We feel this is important to cover both sides. We can generally offer a three-year warranty on the mileage. We put lots of effort into building these engines and we want to assure you that you’ll get a lot out of using one.

Mercury Mariner 2.3L Engines Price Quotes 

Take just a moment and get a quote. You’ll appreciate our low prices here. Call us by using our toll free number or get your quote online. Enter your engine information inside our quote form. It’s fast and simple getting Mercury Mariner engine quotes from our company. We want to be your number one engine resource for rebuilt engines on the Internet.