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Dodge Magnum SE V6 Engines

2.7L Magnum Engines RebuiltDodge Magnum was reborn in the year 2004. Chrysler had shelved this vehicle during the late part of the 1970s. The Dodge vehicle success in the 1990s with the Intrepid and Stratus paved the way for the rebirth of the Magnum. The V6 engine was used as the base motor to get buyers interested in this model. The production for the Magnum lasted until 2008 when it was retired. This vehicle might not be around for sale as a new one, but we sell the Dodge Magnum SE V6 engines from this website. Browse the engine inventory here.

The displacement of the V6 SE engine was 2.7L. This happens to be the same size that was used for several of Chrysler’s new vehicles. The Intrepid was the testing ground for this engine in 1998 and Dodge decide to use it in the Magnum SE series. The larger 6-cylinder size is one thing that helped the Magnum initially. The nameplate also helped buyers to restore confidence in the Dodge brand of sedans and passenger cars. You’ll find rebuilt Dodge engines for sale right here each day. Our website is one that is designed to inform you and provide you with the inventory you search for online.

Dodge Magnum SE V6 Engine Specs

The SE engine is a 2.7L displacement capable of getting 200 horsepower. This DOHC design is the one that we rebuild inside our engine shop. You’ll find that these engines are exact replicas of what is produced inside of Chrysler engine facilities. There are no types of adjustments made by our team. The engine specs remain the same as the ones printed by Dodge. What you’re likely concerned with is the quality. You’re buying a completely rebuilt engine from our company. This means that it is not used. We do test engines however and this helps us to validate the work that is performed. We sell rebuilt Magnum engines of high quality here.

You know about the quality of these engines. You know our prices are below MSRP. You might be unaware of the Dodge Magnum mpg that you can receive. Since we don’t modify the block, you can put your own fuel system on the engine. This will ensure you get the intended miles per gallon that you expect to receive. Our engine rebuilders ensure your investment is one that is not made in vain. The warranties that are included are helpful too. We’re able to offer our labor as well as parts under our standard warranty. This will give you the assurance you need for up to 36 months after your purchase.

Dodge Magnum SE V6 Engine Quote

Your quote is simple to receive by phone or through this website. Our toll free number is what you’ll dial to get in touch with us. We’re professional and we do what is right to assist you. Our helpful specialists give you the same quote information over the phone as you can get here online. Your quote is guaranteed not to change. Take your time and review the information and call us to order. It’s really easy.