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Remanufactured Ford Escort 2.0L Engines

Ford Engine for an Escort SPIFord Escort was first sold in North America in 1981. Where horsepower lacked in these vehicles, the fuel efficiency made up for it. The Escort is one of the best selling vehicles that Ford had through the 20th century. The changes to the Ford lineup after the Taurus was retired included the 2.0L SPI engine. This motor is what took the place of the 1.9L CVH engine. You’ll find that our company sells Ford Escort 2.0L engines for prices that are not matched elsewhere on the Internet. Replacing engines is easy thanks to https://remanufacturedenginesforsale.com/test.

The 2.0L engine is a Split Port Induction engine created by Ford Motor Company. This upgrade to the 1.9L added additional horsepower. Instead of the 85 horsepower, 115 horsepower was possible with this new design. The Escort lived the remainder of its production run using this engine. It was later used in the mid 2000s for some Ford Focus models. What makes our version of the SPI 2.0L engine is the quality. We keep the specs the same although what comes from our engine facility is not comparable to used engine sellers. The rebuilding that is accomplished here is nothing short of amazing.

Ford Escort 2.0L Engines in Stock 

Several Ford and Mercury vehicles used the 2.0L engine. It is due to the high demand that we always have them in stock. Trying to locate a rebuilt motor sorting through hundreds of pages online can be difficult for anyone. The inventory that we keep here is constantly upgraded. It is unlike retail companies that sell out of an engine and never get it back. Because things are built here by hand, it is easy for us to replenish remanufactured engines that are sold. Our mechanics know the Ford Escort engine problems and they can be corrected. Some used engine sellers prefer to deal with preowned engines. We prefer to rebuild them to make them fantastic.

We believe in the 2.0L Escort engine. We also believe in Ford as an automotive company. Because our mechanics are trained on select engines, you can be assured that you’re getting the best technology available. We don’t use outdated equipment or tools during our installation and testing routines. We’re Ford master mechanics and provide OEM stock engines. If you’re a car owner, you can take pride in knowing that we’ll sell to you. You won’t spend your time trying to find someone that sells to the public. If you represent a company, you’ll be happy to know that we support the trade industry. Getting a Ford Escort engine rebuilt is simple to do right from this very website.

Ford Escort 2.0L Engines Price Quotes 

Pricing here is always sent out in two easy ways. The first way is by you calling into our company through the toll free number we provide. We walk you through your quote. The second way is to get online quotes from the form we use here. This is linked to our company computer system. You get immediate prices for Ford engines or another engine type that you request. Don’t wait to find a Ford Escort 2.0L SPI engine elsewhere.