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Chevy Vortec 5300 Engines

Chevy Vortec 5300 EnginesChevy produced its latest V8 engine in 1999. The Vortec 5300 series made its way into the Silverado 1500. This provided the testing that GM required in order to mass distribute the 5300 series. One thing that buyers automatically took to was the high horsepower limit. This engine is rated at 315 horsepower. While most V6 trucks flooded the market in early 1999, the Silverado 1500 produced its 300+ horsepower to rave reviews. We sell the Chevy Vortec 5300 engines at prices way lower than other dealers online. This pleases each customer here and they always come back for more engines here at https://remanufacturedenginesforsale.com/test.

The Vortec engine series is a Generation III development. While engines have been made after this series, the Gen III still remains one of the popular types that buyers demand. One unique thing about the 5.3L V8 is the construction of the heads. Both aluminum and Iron were used at different times in the development process. You’ll find our Chevrolet motors inventory represents each of these engine styles. You can be a truck owner or a body shop owner. You get your pick of the rebuilt engines we have for the same pricing. The prices don’t get raised based on customer account levels.

Chevy Vortec 5300 Engines in Stock 

We rebuild engines here. Our mechanics do a wonderful job. We’re not in business to sell used or another engine type. Our customers depend on us to provide the remanufactured motors that are in use for a variety of applications. Mechanics rely on us for third party customer installations. Warranty centers that replace engines use the ones we offer. There is a lot of variety in our customers but our quality never deteriorates. Getting a customized engine is not something we offer either. We prefer to rebuild the stock engines that meet OEM requirements. We don’t modify the horsepower or the torque level to suit our own needs.

The Chevy Vortec 5300 V8 engine series that you’ll find here is always shipped the same day. Customers that have deadline requests are not a problem. Shipping engines instantly after orders come through our warehouse helps us maintain our reputation. By not waiting to get remanufactured engines, our customers don’t have to miss installations or project car building schedules. When it comes to a Chevy engine warranty, ours lasts for 36 months. We give full support for the parts as well as our mechanic’s labor in each engine. We support the entire Chevrolet lineup and continue to develop our internal offerings. Engine training and development are two things our mechanics complete annually. The assurance each rebuilt motor here provides customers is what they expect.

Chevy Vortec 5300 Engines Pricing 

Price quotes from our company happen in two easy ways. The first is calling into our company through the toll free number that we use. It’s fast and our customer service staff is amazing. We take your information and VIN number and get you accurate Vortec engine pricing. Online quotations are delivered right on this website. Simply complete our form and our quote is automatically generated for you.