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Dodge 2.7L V6 Engines

Dodge 2.7L V6 EnginesDodge built its 2.7L V6 engine in the late 1990s. The early half of this decade was dedicated to a smaller series engine. The upgrade to the V6 version was introduced in the 1998 year for the Chrysler Concorde. One of the first things that buyers noticed was the base 200 horsepower. This size was a big improvement over the 4-cylinder SOHC engines that ruled the late 1980s for Chrysler. We sell Dodge 2.7L V6 engines for prices that are hard to beat online. If you’ve arrived here hoping to save money, you’re in the right place on this website.

The base of the 2.7L was a dual overhead cam design. The block is made from aluminum and it includes aluminum heads. This is an alternative to the iron blocks that were used is some vehicles in the ’80s. The rebuilt Dodge engines for sale you’ll find here stay true to what OEM specs require. We test the horsepower as well as the timing and other specs when we finish the rebuild. We believe that these little steps are very beneficial when rebuilding motors from a used Chrysler block. If you’re a Dodge car owner or mechanic, you’ll appreciate the extra care we put into the motors we sell.

Dodge 2.7L V6 Engines in Stock 

We put a lot of faith in our inventory. The entire process begins with our talented team of buyers that work exclusively for us. These professionals know how to locate the engines that our team rebuilds. The remanufacturing facility that we’ve built is truly state of the art. We take engines already in a sellable condition and turn out some of the best Dodge motors you’ll find. Our V6 mechanics know the ins and outs of the Chrysler block and what specs should be. Parts that get applied during the process of restoration are true Dodge components. These are not foreign aftermarket or low quality parts.

You’ve learned about our inventory. You know about our procedures. One thing you might not know yet is the protection we offer. This comes through the warranty process. Each movement that is made by the mechanics working here is covered. We’re perfectionists when it comes to rebuilding a motor. The passion and Dodge expertise that we put into reconditioning what we sell is amazing. The processes that are completed here for each individual engine that is sold and shipped is what makes us who we are in the industry. All 2.7L engines that get sent from our warehouse are shipped same day to cut out any waiting period that customers could experience elsewhere online.

Dodge 2.7L V6 Engines Price Quotes 

Quotes come through our company website each day. They arrive from our toll free line as well as the quote system online. Each method that is available provides in-depth engine quote information. You’ll find out the price, length of warranty and the cost to ship one of our motors for sale to you. You won’t have to wait to get what you came for when you contact our company. We’ll help you right now.