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3.7 Engine for Dodge Trucks

Dodge V6 Engines3.7 engine is one of the top selling engines for the Dodge trucks brand. Chrysler created this motor for use in its Dodge series after it did well in Jeeps. The Jeep version, known as PowerTech, was one of the styles that did well through the 1990s. The start of the next decade is what helped put Dodge in a new class of quality. Much of this success comes from the 3.7 engine for Dodge trucks that was used. This is one of the most powerful V6 engines in the current pickup truck market. Its 2002 introduction into the Ram series is what helped give it worldwide acclaim.

One of the benefits of using the 3.7 engine inside of Dodge vehicles was the research that was conducted. Jeep had primarily used this engine for its SUV brands. The pickup truck series was a new venture for this motor and the torque, horsepower and internal components were modified. This new brand, EKG, was created for the Dodge vehicles to use. This was separate from the PowerTech or the Magnum series. What you came to find out on this website was if we have the 3.7 in stock. We have this in stock as well as have it for a cheap price.

3.7 Engine for Dodge Trucks in Stock

There are many things that Dodge trucks have the competitors do not. One thing is the 3.7 engine. Because we rebuild these motors, these do not go out of stock like retail products. The expert engine builders that we use always ensure that these are available for sale. The motors that we find and rebuild here end up just like OEM engines built by Chrysler. The care and attention that is put into the build is what makes these engines hard to beat. We’ve done the hard part by employing trained people to handle each reconditioning job. These experts help increase customer satisfaction levels.

The V6 engine series that we build here is tested with a dynamometer. This helpful instrument is used to measure a lot of the internal stability of the motor. This is a digital test that allows calibration to be measured after an engine is built. This is one thing that ensures remanufactured engines are of higher quality compared with those that are used. The high mileage that is placed on used engines is not removed during the build, but the parts that are worn out are replaced with brand new ones. It is this strategy that offers buyers of the motors that we sell something close in operational comparison to a brand new Chrysler engine. It is this value as well as the warranty that helps to cement our reputation in the automotive world.

3.7 Engine for Dodge Trucks Price Quotes

It takes a simple quote to get the price that you’ll pay us to send out an engine to you. Use our toll free telephone number or use our online quote form. You decide and we do the hard work for you. We ship orders the same day when the orders are placed. This ensures your deadlines are met and you don’t have to worry about shipping issues.