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5.4 Remanufactured Ford Engine

Ford V8 Engines Aluminum Heads5.4 Ford engine is also known as the Triton. This powerful engine is in a V8 size and was first modified in the 1997 year. The Ford F-Series is the brand that received this engine to test with pickup truck buyers. This aluminum head engine is capable of producing nearly 400 horsepower. There are several valve versions of this V8 series. The 5.4 engine can be found inside our warehouse inventory in nearly all valve versions. We’re one of the few companies in the U.S. that are able to rebuild this motor in its entirety.

Ford Motor Company has built some of the finest engines in existence. The quality, craftsmanship and innovation that goes into each motor is something special. There is a reason that the Triton series has won so many awards. We keep this motor tradition alive in the engines that are rebuilt by our team. You came here searching for accurate information and we know you’re probably hunting down pricing. We don’t drop the ball when it comes to either of these. What you get with a purchase from this company is pure excellence. Not all remanufactured engines offer the same quality but we’re consistent.

5.4 Ford Engine in Stock 

We keep a healthy inventory of the Triton engine inside of our warehouse. We’re not biased to this engine though. We support most of the valve versions as well as other ones that are included in the Ford family. We know that this motor was used in more than just the F-Series. The Navigator, Falcon, Mustang and Shelby vehicles know exactly what the 5.4 offers. We don’t let anyone down that is in search of this motor. We stock exactly what buyers come here to get; A completely refurbished motor for sale that will provide the quality and durability that is expected. We’re one of the last great rebuilding facilities in the U.S.

Since we have you covered on the price and stock, what we do next could surprise you. The horsepower and torque that the V8 series gives is totally backed up by our internal warranty. This three-year protection does include unlimited mileage. We understand how important reliability is with any engine. We support each and every customer with a generous coverage of warranty. What this does is it assures everyone that they are taken care of should a problem or unexpected event occur. We won’t forget your name when your purchase is complete. We continue offering our guaranteed support for the entire 36-month time period. You get a lot buying a remanufactured Ford engine here. Let us take you to the next level in performance, price and customer service.

5.4 Ford Engine Quotes Online

A price quote for one of our motors can be obtained through calling us by our toll free number. You get to speak instantly with our expert staff that can assure you that you’re getting the right engine. We verify the VIN number and other key details to make sure you get what you need. Price quotes online are put out by our quotation form we’ve built for you to use. Try it now and you won’t have to search elsewhere for the price you really want to pay.