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2002 Remanufactured Ford Focus Engine

Ford 2.0 Engine2002 Ford Focus engine falls into the class of the SPI series. The Split Port Induction engine was created as an alternative to the standard CVH engine that was used in the ’80s. The Focus was offered to the European market first before it was brought to U.S. buyers. What you’ll find with the Focus engines we sell is that our quality and reputation is high. No one will likely sell you a 2002 Ford Focus engine for the price that we’re selling at online. We send these motors out from our warehouse daily. Get the SPI engine you need here.

The 2.0 displacement was selected for the Focus instead of the trusted 1.9. The horsepower upgrade to this motor helped it to rise above others in the auto world. The Split Port Induction was a breakthrough for Ford engineering and this same technology was used for other displacements. Our remanufactured Focus engines give you the power as well as the price that you’re trying hard to find. The 1998 to 2002 engine years are inside the current lineup of what we sell. Finding an exact match for your VIN number is effortless at our company. We’ve removed the hassles that other dealers put engine buyers through.

2002 Ford Focus Engine in Stock 

What is found through our company is used but acceptable motors. It is these styles that we agree to purchase and rebuild inside our facility. Our expert team of mechanics are the only workers that remove and install parts. We don’t outsource this work to other countries or use parts that are not genuine Ford. The Focus is one of the most popular cars in the USA and Canada and we’re one of the companies helping to keep these vehicles on the road. The range of buyers that use our website make suggestions of inventory. We listen to all requests when planning what to offer online.

The completed Ford Focus engine work that we do comes with a warranty. This warranty is good for the labor and the actual OEM parts that are used for the install. These parts are warranted by the manufacturer and we take care of the labor. The mileage warranty is unlimited. What this means is that the 2.0 4-cylinder engines that are built and sent out can be used for 36 months. We don’t track your mileage. We ensure reliability for the term period of your engine. This is helping protect car builders, mechanics, salvage companies and junkyards to get a hold of great engines. The fact that we’ve invested into technology and development for our mechanics is why our quality is higher.

2002 Ford Focus Engine Price Quotes 

Pricing is not something you have to work hard at to get here. Just call us up by our toll free number. We pay for the call and you get our pricing fast. We don’t sell you something you don’t want or take personal information. Our expert staff also generates Ford Focus engine quotes from our website. Entering your engine data into our online form will get you the price you came here to receive.