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Dodge Charger Engine

Dodge Engines for SaleDodge Charger engine can be various forms of a V6 or V8 depending on the year it was made. The 2005 year was when Dodge revamped its Charger lineup. The public demand for this vehicle was strong as well as the expectations that people had for the Charger. This newly created LX edition was built for the speed that auto buyers loved in the glory days of the muscle car era. The 2.7 V6 is one of the engine types that you’ll find here on this website. It takes only a few seconds to get our pricing sent to you.

The Chrysler group has full control over the support and development of Dodge. The 2005 to 2010 years were strong for the Charger. This 5-year period witnessed the insertion of multiple engine types. The buying public has never been shy about requesting certain elements in automobile engines. We understand this approach as remanufactured engine builders. We guarantee that what is shipped out from our company each day is exactly what a customer expects. We’ve already performed the hard work getting engines to operate like new again. This eliminates problems during installs and eventual startups.

Dodge Charger Engine in Stock

Building engines is what we do although not all we do. We also locate engines to start with and this takes skill. Our talented staff searches our group of distributors to obtain engines with lower mileage. We understand the need to have a block with respectable mileage on it. We also know that we can extend the lifespan of a rebuilt engine by using this type of judgment. What you’ll locate in stock here is an engine we’re proud to sell. Issues that are common on auction based websites don’t happen here. The stock levels we build are based on demand from buyers just like you. We listen and we deliver what is requested.

It is the builds that people know us for in the auto world. The reputation that is put inside of each of the Charger engines we sell means a lot. Regardless if you choose the V6 or the Hemi version, what you’re getting is an engine that is tested and approved. The powerful tests we run through prevent issues after installation. It is the data collected with this testing that helps us extend warranty protection with engines. The speed of our shipments is equally pleasing here. The team we use to ship and sort our warehouse inventory helps engines arrive faster. The 2.7, 3.5 or 5.7 engine that you select upon ordering will not be delayed. Same day Charger engine shipments are one of our specialties here.

Dodge Charger Engine Pricing 

Securing a price here is the first step to engine ownership. Let us help you immediately when you call by our toll free number. We match the VIN number you use as well as the year and model of the engine. We’re certain we’re quoting you an up to date price. Online quotes get sent by the quote form you can find here on this site. Pick your method of quote delivery and we’ll impress you with the final price.