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Dodge Dakota 4.7 Engine

4.7-V8-Dodge-MotorDodge Dakota was part of the Chrysler inventory for over 25 years. The 1987 introduction to this pickup took the market by storm. The offering of a V6 engine for this mid-size series was a first for this Dodge group. The Dakota gave pickup truck owners what the F150 or S10 did not. The larger truck beds and powerful engine were two things that help make the Dakota stand out in the truck market. We sell the Dodge Dakota 4.7 engine and for cheaper than you think. Don’t wait to find a better price than what you’ll get here on this site.

The 4.7 engine is known as the PowerTech series. This High Output version or HO as its known is one of the most powerful in the Dodge class. The actual creation of this engine comes from the Jeep brand of vehicles. Since Chrysler owns Jeep, the technologies are often shared between brands. The integration into the Dodge series helped it to become what it is today. While the Dakota never reached the sales success of the Ram, it did last for a quarter of a century and had the full support of pickup truck buyers. We support the HO V8 engines here.

Dodge Dakota 4.7 Engine in Stock 

Between 230 and 260 horsepower is what our customers get in a rebuilt 4.7. This is in accordance with the OEM specs that we receive from Chrysler. Nothing inside of our warehouse is less than what we claim it to be before sale. It would be easy to publish stock information and OEM specs for what is sold. We’d rather give each customer that comes to us the honest truth about what they pay to receive. This policy is the best that we’ve found when selling online engines. The stock levels of inventory is not problematic here. We’re not an auction seller. We don’t sell the work of third parties. We always have motors in stock.

The 4.7 Chrysler produced engines that are remanufactured by our talented team need no introduction. What we’ll tell you is how we perform the work that lets you see the finished product. The engines are all stripped, cleaned and rebuilt using only the finest Chrysler produced parts. We don’t put Japanese produced parts on American engines. You’re paying for an OEM job and that’s all you’ll receive. We calibrate and test each build to assure each customer of the long-term value. We’ve hired what we feel are the best Dodge engine mechanics you’ll ever find. These experts come to work each day with one goal in mind and this goal is perfection. The quality, warranty and time we put into our builds is always evident in the finished product.

Dodge Dakota 4.7 Engine Price Quotes 

Getting one of our prices can happen in one of two ways here. The first is using our online system to generate your price quote. Give us a minute of your time and you’ll get a price that you won’t find elsewhere online. If you prefer phone quotes, let our team of engine experts give you one over the phone. Dial our toll free number right now and you’ll be greeted by professionals ready to help you.