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Remanufactured Ford Duratec 3.0 Engine

Ford Motors for SaleFord Duratec 3.0 engine replaced the Essex version. The newly formed Duratec brand also replaced the Zetec zeries 4-cylinder engines. While Ford revamped its engines, one thing that did not change is public support. The V6 engine series for the Duratec brand was used heavily in the Escape. The Ford Escape was one of the test vehicles that helped boost this engine’s sales. We’re one of the few dealers on the Internet today that sell the Ford Duratec 3.0 engine for an acceptable price. Our huge Ford inventory right here is what you can view to understand our commitment to quality.

The 3.0 engine series features an all aluminum block and aluminum heads. This is an improvement over the standard iron block or head configuration of earlier engines. The horsepower package starts at 200 and can go up from there. There were 2 separate engines built that bore the 3.0 Duratec nameplate. Some were used in the Jaguar series and the others were used in the Taurus and Escape. The motors that get built each day of the week here give you the quality you demand. Our team works flawlessly to provide each customer with a product that works very well.

Ford Duratec 3.0 Engine in Stock 

Our company sells engines to the public and to the trade industry. We do it the right way. Custom built engines that follow the specs that engine buyers demand is what our inventory holds. We know the Ford Motor Company engines inside and out. The talented and experienced team that builds the engines we sell keeps customers happy. The used engine blocks that we get a hold of get totally restored here. The Duratec motors are fully cleaned and all parts examined for wear and tear. Specific calibration tests are performed to ensure that all restoration work we complete is in line with OEM data. What is put out from our engine shop as a finished product surprises most people.

We’re passionate about what is sold here. We’ve even more passionate about ensuring customers get a great product. Our engine team does work so well that we warranty the 3.0 V6 motors that are finished. This includes a warranty for the parts and the labor. It’s not easy to find an engine company to offer warranties online. While most companies avoid customers after a sale, we encourage contact for a full 36 months. This time period is enough time to have unlimited mileage. We take excellent care of customers here and never ship engines that are second rate. The 3.0 engine inventory that you’ll find here always comes with one of the lowest online prices. We know engines and we know low prices.

Ford Duratec 3.0 Engine Price Quotes 

Price quotes get offered to customers that use our quotation system on this website. A simple series of questions is all that is asked and a price is displayed. We also let customers contact us by our toll free order line. We’re able to answer questions in detail, search our inventory or make a permanent match of your VIN number. Try us out and you’ll understand why we’re one of the number one sellers of remanufactured engines.