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Dodge Intrepid Engine

Dodge V6 EngineDodge Intrepid came to life in the early 1990s as one of the newest vehicles in the Chrysler family. The termination of the Daytona other models left Dodge searching for a replacement. The Intrepid was part sedan and part performance vehicle. A V6 motor was selected to power the Intrepid. This larger 3.5 was eventually scaled back to the 2.7 by the 1998 year. If you came here wanting a great price we can definitely give one to you. You’ll never pay retail pricing for any Dodge Intrepid engine from our website. Great pricing and warranties are included with all sales.

The DOHC design of the 2.7 was an upgrade to the retired SOHC LH design. This new design did come with a power increase that many vehicle owners appreciated. A high output motor was designed although not selected for the 1998 to 2004 time period. What is found for sale here is nothing short of near new quality. You won’t be inconvenienced going to a dealership to replace an Intrepid engine. The remanufactured Dodge motors you’ll find for sale here give you the instant value you deserve. The 2.7 is an in demand engine just like many in the Chrysler lineup.

Dodge Intrepid Engine in Stock 

Inventory works a bit differently here than at other engine websites. Instead of us importing engines to sell, we build all that is sold. This leaves us with no type of warranty slowdown for sending out engines. The absolute best mechanics that can be found in the engine industry are the very ones that complete each build. Giving a customer a true and unmodified OEM engine is our goal. We understand that some sedan engines can be built from aftermarket parts. The builder can use his or her determination about what the horsepower should be. Our team follows the Chrysler engine specs. This ensures you’re buying a replica engine.

Warranties serve a big part of the Intrepid engine series that is sold here. The 3-year warranties we give are something special. Just like our team does a great job, each warranty has been written to be great. The most important points to know about these remanufactured engines is the parts and labor is covered. All parts we add, takeaway or clean receive one of the longest warranty time frames in the rebuilt motors industry. You’ll install or have an engine installed that will outperform other brands. This is part of our customer satisfaction services we offer to all that do business with our company. Each of the 2.7 V6 Dodge engines you’ll from our warehouse arrive pre-tested and approved by our experts.

Dodge Intrepid Engine Quotes Online

There is no hard work needed to get engines priced at our company. You need to decide if you want a phone or online motor quote. If you call, one of our specialists will walk you through your quote. We’ll ask for a VIN number, the year of the engine and the vehicle it is installed into. Online quotes require similar information and you’ll instantly review our cheap Dodge engine pricing.