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Dodge Dakota 2.5 Engine

Dodge Dakota 2.5 EngineDodge benefited from a lot of the engineering of the Jeep brand. The AMC acquisition by the Chrysler Corporation helped the entire Chrysler company evolve. While bankruptcy did not stop this company, many vehicles were increased in power and size due to the Jeep development. The Dodge Dakota 2.5 engine is one variant of this engineering. The inline 4-cylinder motor used in the Jeep series was put into the Dakota. While this was used until 2004, most of the pickups used V6 or V8 engines making this motor a rare find in our warehouse inventory.

The 2.5 AMC version of this motor was the last type of this edition used in Dodge vehicles. It has been used in the Eagle series as well as additional Jeep versions. What you’ll notice about our inventory is that we sell rebuilt editions. These are not used or in some other form. We’ve already acquired the block for a good price. We put our best mechanics on the job during the build. What comes out of this hard work is a straight four-cylinder engine we’re proud to sell. If you’re searching for this type, you’ll definitely be impressed with our inventory for sale.

Dodge Dakota 2.5 Engine Specs

Up to 120 horsepower is what is found in the size of engine that we build. This is the average range of what is offered in the 2.5. We keep in mind this is a 4-cylinder engine. There are much largest PowerTech and Magnum editions used for the Dodge series and these are also found for sale here. The specs that are offered are just what Chrysler demands. The rebuilds we complete conform to the OEM standards. This allows our company to offer the closest replica you can find next to a new build. We’re big believers in the power output that these motors provide.

Trying to find a deal on the Internet for a motor is tough. There are thousands of selections and very few that can be verified before sale. Everything you find from our company has been tested. We’ve rebuilt the entire block. These are ready for immediate install and are designed to save a lot of money. You could purchase a new one and spend three or four times as much money. We’re done the hard work and provide a full warranty with what is purchased. This is what will save you a lot of time and frustration after install. You could buy a discounted used engine somewhere and have it go bad quickly. We give you a full three-year warranty. We know what we have is going to be the perfect fit into your Dakota pickup.

Dodge Dakota 2.5 Engine Price Quotes 

Use the easy quotation form you’ll find to the right of this page. This is all you need to get pricing online. Complete the questions that are asked and our team instantly goes to work for you. You’ll be notified when your quote is processed. If you call us, you’ll speak by phone to an engine specialist that is ready to offer your low price. How easy is that?