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Jeep Commander Engine

Jeep Commander EngineJeep Commander was produced as an alternative to the Cherokee from 2006 to 2010. This short time period did result in hundreds of thousands of V8 Jeep vehicles sold. The Jeep Commander engine that is most popular is the 4.7 edition. This was the motor most requested between the 2006 to 2009 period. This non-H.O. series motor provided more horsepower and torque over the 3.7 edition first used. What you’ll find here on this website is a trusted source to buy these rebuilt editions. We successfully ship to vehicle owners, dealerships and others that purchase these motors for direct installation.

The Commander body style was based on the Cherokee and other models that were early designs for the Jeep brand. There were different design packages that were introduced with each year of production. The base, limited and overland editions were the majority of what was sold to the public. It is the strength of the V8 engine that convinced many buyers to purchase the Jeep Commander. Because we’re an engine rebuilder, our customers don’t have to worry about buying a preowned unit. The builds that are created here are actual Jeep motors that are reconditioned inside of our facility.

Jeep Commander Engine in Stock

There are some engines that we sell more of than others. The Jeep Commander 4.7 engine is one example. The PowerTech technology is part of the reason for the surge in replacements. The quality and longevity that is put into these motors is part of why we always have them in stock. Our team does not make changes to the OEM build. The reconditioning procedures that are used closely follow all Chrysler guidelines. Our entire team of mechanics are trained in the latest technologies to produce a great alternative to buying a new motor. This provides the best condition motor that you can find next to a new one.

The Chrysler rebuilt editions that we produce are not without a warranty. What customers receive with purchasing here is a full 36-month time period of coverage. What this provides is the assurance that many buyers need. What is included is unlimited mileage, labor and the OEM parts protection. The Jeep motors for sale that are sold here are also shipped on the same day as ordered. What this does for our business customers is cuts down the delivery time frame. Our engines are able to be delivered faster to make more customers happy. Our freight team does an excellent job of sending shipments all across North America. The 4.7 PowerTech engines that are offered through this company give a lot of value for no increase in price.

Jeep Commander Engine Price Quotes 

We’ve built a system that makes locating pricing easy. Our quote form that is located on this page is hooked to our company inventory. This form knows exactly what is in stock and what the pricing should be for customers. This information is reviewed by our staff when you submit the form to ensure accuracy. If you want a phone quote, all you have to do is call our toll free number. Get your rebuilt engine from us today.