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LS Engine for Sale

LS Motor by ChevyThe LS base is mostly connected to the Corvette. While this performance engine is used in the Corvette, it is also used in other GM vehicles. The Vortec LS editions were created in 1997. These V8 motors stayed true to the V8 small-block size. It is the horsepower that was upgraded as well as the enhanced technology. Buyers locating an LS engine for sale can find that prices do change online. The consistent thing about this website is that the same low pricing found today will be here tomorrow. This provides all buyers with a trusted resource. 

The original horsepower of this series is 345. This rating is one of the highest for a consumer engine that can be found from any automaker. The technologies marketed in this motor have improved startup, fuel efficiency and other key areas that buyers often ask for in an engine. The General Motors builds that are found here are completed by our internal experts. These are not outsourced to other builders for completion. The V8 mechanics working on behalf of our company and reputation do an outstanding job. This is part of the reason our retention rate for buyers remains very high.

LS Engine for Sale Online 

The sales this company makes are a combination of online and offline sales. Not all retailers have the ability to invest into website technologies to ease the ordering process. What is found through this company is easy to order motors. We make this possible through this website and our trusted telephone system. Each way that is used to process orders ensures accurate completion and shipment. The expert engine staff handling the website price requests and phone requests work hard to provide fast service. We’ve eliminated the type of issues that some sellers have selling to the public. Our investments in technology and staff have made this feat possible.

Each build for the V8 LS1 or other editions in the Vortec line go through our internal measurement procedures. We know these motors are going to be placed into project vehicles and other GM vehicles. The helpful and thorough testing is our way of delivering pure quality. These tests are immediately backed up with warranties on all sales. It is from these warranties that buyers receive complete coverage. This includes a 3-year and unlimited mileage use of each motor shipped. This generous period of time is one incentive packaged with each motor. The rebuilding work ensures each engine remains similar to one that is new off the assembly line. The speed of the same day shipments help us to send out GM LS engines faster to customers in North America and Canada.

LS Engine for Sale Price Quotes 

Generating quotes does not mean you’re locked into a sale. We know finding the lowest price is probably pretty high on your list. Make use of our toll free phone system or online system right now. You’re seconds away from the price you’re trying to find online. Let our engines impress you in price and in reliability after they are installed.