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Remanufactured Ford 2.0 Engine

Ford 2.0 EngineFord produced its 2.0 engine through the early 1990s. This was used for multiple vehicles before the Duratec technology became standard in the mid-1990s. This engine and other SOHC editions produced by Ford are found in our rebuilt engine inventory here on this website. The four-cylinder engines that are produced inside of our facility conform to all specs published by Ford Motor Company. The Duratec technology has been used for more than 15 years as an upgrade to the earlier Zetec editions. Browsing our inventory here at remanufacturedenginesforsale.com/engines will provide you with the options you need to purchase complete confidence online.

The 122 CID of this 2.0 motor provides the proper size for the amount of horsepower that is available in the series. The Zetec platform was still used in this series and upgraded in the 2000s with other styles. Our company is comprised of expert rebuilders working in the auto industry. Our staff works entirely in our facility producing excellent condition engines. The blocks that are used to provide a remanufactured base are OEM. These are provided to ensure genuine quality is always used to perform the rebuild.

Ford 2.0 Engine with a Warranty

Purchasing motors without protection does happen on the Internet. Customers who frequent auction websites typically purchase and receive no protection if installation fails. Buying a refurbished motor that originates from our company provides the value that is desired in replacement. From the 2.0 Duratec to other units, our mechanics have completed quality training programs. The four-cylinder and up technologies created by Ford Motor Company are known here. The intensive process of rebuilding these engines requires time and effort as well as expertise. Buyers who represent mechanics, auto body shops, salvage companies and others choose our company for high quality refurbished 2.0 motors.

Testing engines properly can result in like new performance. It is expensive to use dyno testing and other evaluations in the auto industry. Some companies leave out the testing phase. Our experts test, evaluate and test again to ensure all measurements and calibration are right. It is these tests that ensure proper builds are coming out of our facility daily. Stock issues are not a problem from our inventory. The most popular motors are built daily. Our resource offers classic and late model motors for all brands. Shipments for Duratec and other units that come from our warehouse are made immediately. Our team instantly ships and motor upon order by customer. This results in fast rebuilt Ford engine shipments.

Ford 2.0 Engine Price Quotes Online

Our website gives prices online. It takes only a second to fill out our form for pricing. Upon submission of this form, our experts review your data. Pricing is automatically generated as well as warranty terms and shipment details. Our company works fast to provide unlimited quotes. You’re able to get as many quotes as needed from this website. The toll-free number we have is available for phone quotes during company business hours. Get your refurbished Ford Duratec engine quote now.