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2.5 Jeep Engine

2.5 Jeep EngineJeep pioneered the use of its 2.5 motor in the Cherokee and the CJ series. The creation of this inline four-cylinder motor helped boost AMC before the Chrysler buyout. The production for this motor series began in 1984. Some of the technologies were based on what General Motors had used in the V6 series. This engine is most often referred to as the precursor to the infamous 4.0. You’ll find the 2.5 Jeep engine sold here to be priced just right. Our team knows what our customers want. Buying here is easy. Let our team do the hard work for you.

Refurbished motors are what we specialize in here. You won’t find used an outdated rust bucket. Our company rebuilds OEM units. Quality is the most important element of the reconditioned motor. What customers expect here is expertise and experience. The rebuilding that goes on inside of our facility is expert quality. The Chrysler additions that are built here including the PowerTech I4 series are perfect. Few retailers build what is sold. Our company rises above  the average company and builds quality replacement motors. Prices are always kept to a minimum.

2.5 Jeep Engine Facility Tested

No motor could be called excellent without proof. What testing provides is proof that builders and buyers require. It is expensive to conduct testing. Most builders omit testing due to the high cost. Investments made here are for testing purposes. Calibration testing using top-of-the-line equipment is what customers get here. It’s easy to sell engines. What’s not easy is customer satisfaction. Every unit  that comes from our testing facility receives multiple tests. Jeep engines that are bought, rebuilt and sold here received these tests. Nothing is shipped from our warehouse without this testing. Our facility is upgraded and maintained annually.

Aside from the horsepower provided in the inline four-cylinder, these motors have pulling power  too. The confidence in this series by Chrysler translates to better builds on our end. What customers receive here is a great price and a great engine. It is this package that we put together that helps all of our customers. When it comes to shipping, there are no issues at our company. An expert team controls all incoming and outgoing freight. The same day shipments for rebuilt Jeep engines and other inventory keeps customers happy. The 2.5, 4.0, 3.7 and other sizes that are built receive the same treatment. All of this is a combination with our unlimited warranty protection. This protectionism is what buyers trust. Warranting the labor and the OEM parts represent two inclusions in this coverage. Customers never worry about what happens after installation.

2.5 Jeep Engine Online Price Quotes

Finding this website is easy. It’s even easier to get a price. You can take your pick between online quotes or toll-free number customer assistance. Both methods rely on the expertise of our industry specialists. It is these professionals who deliver immediate pricing. The low price and other information attached with an engine is provided. The best quotes can be provided with submission of your VIN number.