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Remanufactured Ford Aerostar 3.0 Engine

Ford Aerostar EngineThe second generation of the Ford Aerostar introduced its 3.0 Vulcan engine. This motor was tested toward the end of the first generation vehicles. The smaller 2.8 was upgraded to the 3.0 to provide an extra boost of power from the Vulcan series. The Ford Aerostar 3.0 engine has remained a popular replacement for the 1990 to 1997 editions. What you’ll find from our website is a low price and massive inventory. The customers who purchase from our website come from a variety of backgrounds. What stays consistent is our inventory and willingness to provide satisfaction for each buyer.

The Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable successfully used the 3.0 V6 before installation into the Aerostar. This motor pairing worked well and provided the extra horsepower customers missed in this minivan series. The base 140 hp still provided the boost of power and fuel efficiency customers expected. Because this motor did well inside the Taurus, the tradition continued inside of the Aerostar minivan. The units that are refurbished from our company are OEM. What this means is that they are actual motors that have been rebuilt from Ford vehicles. These are not crate engines or aftermarket reproductions.

Ford Aerostar 3.0 Engine with Dyno Testing

Constructing a motor takes hard work. Even the best mechanics need a way to prove accuracy. Industry tools and equipment like dyno testing are now used by our company. The use of these materials helps prove quality. Aside from the quality improvements, performing tests using this equipment ensures longevity is possible. Refurbishing the entire engine block is a process we do well. We’ve built thousands of the 3.0 Aerostar engine for customers. Purchasing from a factory direct rebuilder saves money and keeps quality high. The rebuilt Vulcan V6 motors sold by our company are immediately ready for install.

Engine shipments are important to customers and the company. The lifeblood of our industry depends on delivery schedules. A slow delivery can cause installation issues and disruptions. The freight carriers that are used by our company are professional. We hand selected these experts to move our engines from coast to coast. Additional insurance and handling are included in the price of shipping. We continue to keep rebuilt engine shipments costs low for customers. Our entire shipping team handles the incoming and outgoing of shipments daily. Engine shipments are immediately processed here. This means no waiting for engine installations.

Ford Aerostar 3.0 Engine Online Quotes

We’re more than a toll-free number. We have real people in the right places. Calling into our company is easy and we pickup the bill. What we provide is what most do not. Starting with the VIN number match, our experts can immediately search the engine you need. Matches that are not found do not mean we do not sell this engine. Our distribution network ensures that we can provide customers with most engines produced within the last three decades. Our quote form online can be used alternatively to calling our company. Use the form on this page to receive your individual price right now.