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Mustang Cobra Engine for Sale

Mustang Cobra MotorFord Mustang was reintroduced in 1993 as one of the SVT series vehicles. The Cobra was born and remained in production for nine years. The Special Vehicle Team was responsible for the performance vehicle side of the Ford Motor Company. The Cobra engine was a 5.0 Windsor 302. This motor produced a base of 235 hp in this compact vehicle. Finding a Mustang Cobra engine for sale from https://remanufacturedenginesforsale.com is an easy task. We are one of the only companies currently rebuilding this motor to OEM specs and discounting the price. The Mustang 5.0 motor is one of our specialties here.

The Cobra R edition was created in the mid-1990s as an upgrade to the original SVT. The series was known as the racing version of the Cobra and used the 5.0 engine. Locating a refurbished motor for these vehicles is not challenging here. There are plenty of used engines sold online. There is a great shortage of rebuilt motors for sale. Our Ford mechanics personally put time and effort into rebuilding each Windsor motor. The V8 facility that is used for rebuilding is upgraded. The latest technologies are available to preserve the SVT expectations by consumers. Our team revives value apart from the extremely low price.

Mustang Cobra Engine for Sale Dyno Tested

Any engine rebuilder can claim high quality. Only few retailers can prove it. The dyno testing that is undertaken at our company proves all quality. This range of testing is the approximate testing procedures used by leading automakers. Taking apart an engine is a precise process. The cleaning and reassembly is equally important. What puts our engines over the top is testing. The dyno testing that is conducted at our facility keeps problems from happening. Knowing the precise measurements and calibration is essential. Customers choosing us for a replacement expect error-free installations. Each Windsor V8 motor produced here receives this testing. Engines are able to be delivered on time and in great condition.

Aside from the pricing and expert testing, a slow shipment can tie up any installation. Our company provides rapid shipping services. The speed of shipment has nothing to do with quality. Insurance and special handling is always included. We know how to crate and ship a Ford motor. Because our engines are drop-in ready, no issues with installation are present. Each SVT V8 motor is personally inspected by our team before shipment. These last looks for an engine block help build our engine reputation. Our 36-month warranty makes each refurbished motor here hard to say no to.

Mustang Cobra Engine for Sale at the Right Price

Pricing is everything when replacing motors. The horsepower and torque come after a great installation. Obtaining our price is as simple as a phone call or online quote. Quotes through this online website are simple. A few basic questions are the only pieces of information standing in the way of a price. Enter this information into our quotation system. Our engine specialists go to work instantly. We return a low price plus the shipping costs. Calling us toll-free is an additional way to get the Mustang Cobra engine information required before purchase.