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2008 Ford F150 Engine

F150 5.4 EngineFord increased the production of the F150 pickup in the 1990s. These builds each featured a new engine known as the Triton 5.4 V8. These motors were the new installation that took the place of the retired Modular on a national scale. Any person who is considering the purchase of a replacement engine should know the different types of F-Series units available. You’ll find only remanufactured 2008 Ford F150 engine inventory on this page.

Ford produces its F150 truck line in a number of builds. This has helped revolutionize the popularity in the trucks created. The Supercrew and regular cab versions are the choices for exterior body styles. Under the hood of each truck is where the differences are noticeable. The 5.4 Triton is a much larger engine compared to the regular 4.2 V6. The entry-level XL series features this motor type. You can order the 5.4 larger size at this company.

Rebuilt Ford F150 Engines for Sale

The XL, FX4 and XLT feature the Triton builds. These V8 motors are all featured here as reconditioned versions. This means that we’ve purchased a block to restore. Many of the motors are pulled from operational pickup trucks in the Ford lineup. This allows our restoration experts to rebuild all units by hand. The investments into our engine industry technologies has improved the output for each 5.4 V8 we supply. Buying a reconditioned engine does have advantages especially in a Ford Motor Company build.

Because most Ford trucks are rear-wheel drive, the engines must be powerful and ready to handle any task. The high horsepower limits of the 5.4 Triton V8 engine is one reason why we select this motor for rebuilding work. The rebuilt engines that are now for sale throughout our inventory are always priced low. These engines always include a respected level of warranty coverage. These plans are always attached after a successful purchase. We’re one of the first and probably the last rebuilding companies offering 36 months of protection for each motor.

2008 Ford F150 Engine Price Quotes

The quotes for prices distributed through the use of our website are always guaranteed. Buying a replacement pickup truck motor is really a simple process. It all begins with a person using this website for research. What happens next is a quote request must be submitted. This can happen here online and by calling us toll-free. All requests for price quotes are double checked by our staff. What is returned to each potential buyer is our absolute lowest price point for a remanufactured Ford engine. Do yourself a favor and submit your quote request to our company. Take advantage of the price points that we offer to buyers.