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2009 Ford F150 Engine

Ford Triton Engines 5.4Ford made some serious changes to its F150 series in 2009. The competition from Chevy and Dodge in the truck market helped Ford Motor Company to upgrade its historic F-Series truck. The 5.4 engine is still a part of this series although the power levels were upgraded. The smaller valve types used in the late 1990s were upgraded to up to 24 valves in the late models F150 trucks. If you’re here to buy a 2009 Ford F150 engine, you’ll be treated fairly and always get a great price.

The traditional stylings of the 2009 Ford truck series included the SuperDuty and SuperCrew builds. These combined with the FX4 builds in 4×4 editions helped Ford to regain its lead in the truck market in the United States. While other automakers continue to upgrade engines, the 5.4 Triton remains its flagship model in the 1997 to 2010 editions. The remanufactured engines that are on sale at this resource provide more than a historic nameplate. These motors are overhauled by expert staff who ensure OEM Ford quality is provided.

F150 Engines in 5.4L Builds Include a Warranty

There are plenty of engine sellers providing a Ford unit online. What is different about a rebuilt edition is the life span. While a used unit can be ready to blow out at any moment, one that is reconditioned does offer a lot of value. There is a lot of life left in an engine that is rebuilt regardless of the mileage count. The OEM remanufacturing procedures that are practiced here upgrade the quality of the blocks. No changes are made that do not conform to actual Ford Motor Company specifications for a 5.4 truck motor.

The facility engineering for each Triton V8 5.4 engine in stock here ensures each motor receives the three-year warranties we’re supplying. Unlike a used edition engine, a warranty here protects the labor and the parts that are attached on the rebuilt block. What this means is a complete peace of mind is provided during purchase. No buyer of our remanufactured Ford engines has complained about the lack of warranty we provide. In contract to most companies, our 36-month V8 engine warranty is one of the best you’ll find in the second hand engines market.

2009 Ford F150 Engine Price Quote

How much are Ford rebuilt engines? Prices aren’t listed on this website for a reason. It is not because we’re afraid of the competition. We prefer to generate individual quotes that are customized for each buyer. The amount of shipping, core charges or other extra fees can make the difference in an engine price. The Triton 5.4 remanufactured engines on this website are quoted in price here online. A simple request using our form will generate your price. If you’re into calling instead, speak now with our sales team. Our prices will impress you. Our quality will make you a lifelong customer.