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Lincoln engines are named for the one of the nation’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and are the luxury class of America’s most iconic automaker – the Ford Motor Company. Like the values and ideals that Lincolns represent, Lincoln engines weren’t just built strong, they were built to last. And that’s precisely what they do when properly maintained and driven under normal conditions.

But occasionally, a Lincoln engine gives out before it’s time, due to misuse, harsh driving conditions or an accident. In these cases, the rest of the components of the car – the drivetrain, the transmission and the body – are often in as good of shape as ever. If this is the situation you face, it simply doesn’t make economic sense to trade in your reliable Lincoln just because it needs a new engine. May I suggest a remanufactured engine as the most cost effective, long lasting and GREEN solution?

We do things a little bit differently than your local garage or Lincoln dealership. We don’t have a handful of auto parts dealers and affiliated shops that we are obligated to buy from in order to get you a Lincoln engine. Instead, we have a vast network of reputable, nationwide auto parts dealers that can produce almost any Lincoln engine – late model, early model, limited edition, you name it – on demand.

Not only that, because we eliminate the middleman, you don’t pay the high premiums that you would on a heavily marked up, hard-to-find Lincoln engine that you’d get from a local mechanic.

In reality, this is how everyone should shop for motors. But unfortunately, most motorists don’t have the expertise or resources required to do it right. We do and we lend our experience and knowledge to you so you can get the savings that you deserve.

You don’t have to be a Lincoln engine expert in order to find a great deal on a reliable, certified Lincoln engine. We’ve already got that covered for you. All you need to know is your VIN number or your make and model and we’ll do the rest.

So give us a call, no matter what phase of your search you’re in. Whether you’re just curious about what kinds of prices there are out there or if you have a quote from another dealer and want to see if we can beat it, we’ll be happy to help. Our consultations are free and our advice could save you thousands of dollars.