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Need a Remanufactured Dodge Durango Engine Fast?

Need a Remanufactured Dodge Durango Engine Fast?

Need a Remanufactured Dodge Durango Engine Fast?

Dodge has so many slick looking SUV type of vehicles, inevitably I get them mixed up. Today we discuss the Durango and it’s engine options. The Durango came out in 1997, and was built as a medium sixes crossover SUV through 2004. From 2004 and on it was redesigned as a full sized SUV. There is no lack of engine choices.

Before I get involved in the engines themselves, did you know that remanufactured engines are the green way to go? Need a Remanufactured Dodge Durango Engine Fast? Call a specialist who can explain everything you want to know in terms you will understand. RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com .

So many things make a remanned engine appealing. We take a lot of pride in being a GREEN oriented engine supply company. We do our part for the environment. If you buy a remanufactured Dodge engine from us, you will accomplish 2 things.

One thing you will accomplish is being environmentally conscious, which is a notable thing to do now days. The other item you will achieve is purchasing the most reliable and cost effective engine replacement. Instead of the old engine ending up in the scrap heap leaking oil and coolant into the ground, many parts are reused when an engine is remanufactured. Parts that rarely wear out or need service other than a cleanup are reused with 100 % success.

Three generations have been made now from 1997 and on. From 1997 to 2003 the first generation was made and offered a temping variety of engines. All are standard Dodge engines. Very reliable and cost effective to maintain and fix.
1. 3.9 L [238 cu in] Magnum V6
2. 4.7 L [287 cu in] PowerTech V8
3. 5.2 L [318 cu in] Magnum V8
4. 5.9 L [360 cu in] Magnum V8

Second generation Durango models were made from 2003 to 2009 and made few changes to the engine lineup. The most notable addition is the famous Hemi engine. A 5.7 liter Hemi [345 cubic inches] V8 engine with the legendary Hemi Head design.

The current generation Durango, made from 2011 on has a lintier engine line. Offering the 3.6 liter Penstar V6 as a standard engine. Then jumping right into the Hemi engine as it’s only other option. Nice and simple, I like that.

If you want to buy a remanufactured Durango engine, the fastest and easiest way is to start with a phone call and talk with a professional who knows how to listen to your issues and help you make the best decision for your interests. Every engine is covered by an iron clad guarantee. Go Green, call RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com

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