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Jeep Commander Engines for Sale

Jeep Commander Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Jeep Engines for Sale

The Jeep Commander had a 4-year run as one of the top selling Chrysler vehicles. The traditional Jeep styling and 4.7L PowerTech V8 engine made it an unstoppable force. This version of a Jeep was discontinued in 2010 although the engine that sits under its hood is still in production. The 4.7-liter engine is actually…

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Need a Remanufactured Dodge Durango Engine Fast?

Dodge has so many slick looking SUV type of vehicles, inevitably I get them mixed up. Today we discuss the Durango and it’s engine options. The Durango came out in 1997, and was built as a medium sixes crossover SUV through 2004. From 2004 and on it was redesigned as a full sized SUV. There…

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