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Remanufactured Ford Tempo Engines for Sale

Ford Tempo Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Engines for Sale FordAlmost 6 years of development went into the Ford Tempo before it was actually released for sale to the public. 1984 saw the first release of this car and the production lasted for 10 straight years. Ford realized the success of this vehicle and quickly commissioned a high class version of the Tempo to go along with its new luxury line of vehicles. The Mercury Topaz was marketed at a higher sales price and it battled with the Tempo until 1994 when it was phased out. We have in our Ford-Mercury inventory the Ford Tempo engines for sale you need. We know how popular the 2.3L engine is and we aim to please our customers around the world.

Since you know a little history about the Tempo and Topaz, we can now tell you about what you get when we sell you a 2.3 engine. We find and buy the best used engines that are sold to us through dealers that we trust. These dealers get engines direct from Ford or from dealerships that have a back stock of leased vehicles. Since these engines are directly pulled out, we buy them and remanufacture them for our customers. When you buy a reman engine, you are getting something as close to buying a new 2.3L engine as possible. This all comes at a lower than new price. In fact, the price is so low it’s quite a shock.

Our Ford Tempo Engines Come with a Warranty

A rebuild would never be complete without some type of future protection against a manufacturing defect or other error. The work that our mechanics put into our rebuilds is warranted against such problems. Since we use OEM parts, we rely on the manufacturer to supply us with excellent parts to use when we remanufacture Ford Tempo engines for sale. These parts generally have a long life, but sometimes an unforeseen problem can occur. It is because of this that we warranty our work and OEM parts for up to 3 years from the date of your engine purchase. You are not under any type of restrictions during this time and you can use the 2.3L engine as you want. We are very confident in what we sell and know that our rate of warranty service is still very low on average.

Want your 2.3L Tempo or Topaz engine within 3 days? We can do that. Most of our engines arrive during this time period or faster. The secret is the companies that we choose to deliver our engines. We don’t hike the price of shipping to you just because our freight carriers get engines to you fast. We absorb the cost of insurance and expedited shipping to make sure that you get what you need without waiting too long for it.

Ford Tempo Engines for Sale with Immediate Quotes

We know you are searching for the lowest price you can find. We feel that we can give it to you. Call us at 1-877-630-3873 right now to get our low price. You don’t have to wait and wonder if we can beat someone else’s price. We can. If you want an emailed remanufactured Ford Tempo 2.3L engine quote, complete the form on the right side of this page. Watch your email closely for our quote to arrive. It’s just that easy.