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Jeep Comanche Engines for Sale

Jeep Comanche Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Jeep Engines 4.0L

The Jeep Comanche was an AMC designed pickup truck that was a threat to Ford and Chevy. In the 7 years of production, the Jeep Comanche stayed afloat through the Chrysler and AMC buyout to become a trusted and beloved pickup truck. The 2.5L and 4.0L engines that were used were also used in the…

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Remanufactured Ford Tempo Engines for Sale

Ford Tempo Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Engines for Sale Ford

Almost 6 years of development went into the Ford Tempo before it was actually released for sale to the public. 1984 saw the first release of this car and the production lasted for 10 straight years. Ford realized the success of this vehicle and quickly commissioned a high class version of the Tempo to go…

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