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Remanufactured Ford 4.2L Engines for Sale

Ford 4.2L Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured Ford 4.2L Engines for Sale Ford used its Essex engine for nearly 30 years before introducing a more powerful version in 1997 known as the ESG-642. The new and improved V6 was given a 4.2L displacement and a huge increase of 202 horsepower. The F-150 made use of this engine as an alternative to the…

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Remanufactured Ford 3.8L Engines for Sale

Rebuilt Car Engines

Sale on Ford Rebuilt Engines for Cars and Trucks The V6 Essex engine was the official Ford code name for the 3.8L engine that was built in Canada and imported for U.S. vehicles. The Essex first made its way into the Mustang in the early 2000s. After an overhaul in the research and development office,…

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